Project overview

The e-F+TN project aims to enhance intra-regional and European trade and business links of enterprises of the Black Sea basin (and specifically: Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova and Turkey). For this purpose the project will organize 5 Virtual Trade Fairs and similar virtual events with the support of a specialised web-platform. In these events, exhibitors will present their products and services through a virtual environment (virtual stands and booths), while visitors may surf into the exhibition area and interact with exhibitors in various ways including web-chat, tele and video-conference, etc. e-F+TN is implemented by a consortium of 6 partners from 5 countries of the Black-Sea basin, within a period of 24 months (start date: 01 May 2013). Its total budget amounts approximately 650.000€. The project is funded by the EUROPEAN UNION under the "Black Sea Basin Programme.