Facilitate the trade of agro-food products in the Black Sea Basin (FTAP)



The overall objective of the project is to establish a sustainable partnership in order to facilitate the trade of agro & food products in the Black Sea Basin. The specific objectives are: - Create a joint informational marketing system accessible to all players of agro-business sector - Increase the farmers’ sales by accessing new markets.

Black Sea - Solidarity and Economic Activity (BS-SEA)



The project aims to promote economic and social development in the Black Sea region through cooperation in border and rural areas of countries participating in the project, based on available local resources of individuals, enterprises and territory through Europeanization of the business in rural traditional production and promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurs to access new markets and trade relations.

Preparing the conditions for penetration of the Black Sea Wines in the international market: Black Sea WinExports



Broadening the cooperation among the targeted region in order to exchange knowledge and experience and by the development of innovative digital tools. Establishment of a common brand name for the Black Sea Wines and to setup a common marketing strategy that will result a significant increase of market shares in targeted and emergent wine consumer markets.

AGRO-START – Transnational network for SME support in the animal breeding and horticulture sector (SEE project)



The project's overall objective is to increase the SMEs competitiveness and promote and facilitate and innovative entrepreneurship by giving answer to the need of a specific support Service for SMEs in the horticulture and animal breeding sector that adapts an integrated transnational approach.