e-F+TN launches an open call for expressions of interest for the Virtual Fairs Network (VFN)

The e-F+TN partners are inviting business stakeholders and business support organisations from the Black-Sea region to express their interest to join the Virtual Fairs Network (VFN). 

VFN aims to enhance trade and business links between Black Sea enterprises and between them and their European/ international counterparts.

The ‘official’ creation of the network is planned within Autumn 2014 and organisations that wish to be among the founding members could submit online an Expression of Interest Form by the 31st of August 2014. All organisations that will receive (i) the Memorandum on the Establishment and Operation of the VFN and, (ii) the eligibility criteria and prerequisites to become members the network.

While the Virtual Fair platform of the project is still under development, the e-F+TN is preparing in parallel the main documentation for the VFN, while initial contacts with potential interested parties have started.

We will like to welcome you in the Virtual Fairs Network (VFN) for a coordinated effort towards enhanced trade and business collaboration!

We are at your disposal for inquiries.