Through the Virtual Fair (VF) Platform of e-F+TN, the network will create a common space where its members will have access to a pool of business-related information and a wide enterprise directory. In addition, the VF platform will offer to members of the network the chance to further support the extroversion and internationalisation of their own members (e.g. enterprises) with low cost services related to virtual business events.

All members of the network (including new ones) will have direct access to the VF Platform and will be able to organise Virtual Fairs or other virtual event (just by covering the organisation expenses). Local nodes of the Platform may also be installed at the premises of the VFN members to allow them to organise their own virtual events.

Overall, 10 organisations are expected to join the network by April 2015 and (a) promote e-F+TN activities within their own members/ networks, as well as (b) benefit from the e-F+TN training activities (i.e. 2-3 employees of each organisation will be invited to participate in the national training workshops of the project).