Work organisation

e-F+TN organises its work in 6 distinct group of activities:

1. Establishment of the Virtual Fair Infrastructure

  • Needs analysis per country
  • Specifications of the Virtual Fair (VF) platform
  • Procurement & Delivery of the VF-platform

2. National and Intra-regional Activities

  • Operation of the national nodes of the VF-platform
  • Training activities (train the trainers & national training workshops)
  • Organisation of intra-regional VFs
  • Providing support to enterprises for participating in VFs

3. Increasing International Trade & Business Links

  • Virtual presence initiatives in international (traditional) trade fairs
  • Organisation of an international VF (1 international VF)
  • Providing support to enterprises and/or groupings of them for participating in the international VF(s)

4. Sustainability of the network

  • Operational support & improvements in the VF platform
  • Expanding the network and establish operating principles & rules
  • Continuation plan and operational scheme

 5. Visibility of the Action

  • Visibility plan and initial awareness creation
  • Project multilingual website
  • Intra-regional visibility activities
  • European & international visibility activities

 6. Management and coordination of the Action

  • Project meetings
  • Reporting
  • Quality management & coordination