e-F+TN is bringing solid benefits to its target groups:

1. Business stakeholders and business support organisations of the Black Sea region

These organisations will be invited to join the e-F+TN network either as full or as affiliated members. Overall, 10 such organisations are expected to join the e-F+TN network:

  1. Promote project activities within their own members/ networks.
  2. Participate in the e-F+TN training activities (i.e. national training workshops).
  3. Co-shape the continuation plan and operational scheme of the e-F+TN network and thus contribute to the sustainability of the network and the organisation of additional virtual fairs in the future.

2. Enterprises of the region and SMEs (sectors: Agro-food, Building materials and elements, Industrial machinery) Enterprises may gain:

  1. Further practical experience and knowledge on export-related issues and the use of web technologies through their participation in the Training workshops.
  2. New clients and business partnerships through their participation as exhibitors or visitors in the intraregional virtual fairs, the virtual presence initiatives and the international virtual fair that e-F+TN is organising.