The e-F+TN project aims to help enterprises in the Black-Sea Region to increase their business partnerships and cooperation at regional, European and international level through the use of information technology.

We organise virtual trade fairs to create real business opportunities for enterprises


Through the Virtual Fair (VF) Platform of e-F+TN, the network will create a common space where its members will have access to a pool of business-related information and a wide enterprise directory. The main benefit of the VF platform is that will offer to members of the network the chance to further support the extroversion and internationalisation of their own members (e.g. enterprises) with low cost services related to virtual business events.


The e-F+TN project builds its activities upon the use of ICTs and specifically by creating and operating a Virtual Fair platform (VF-Platform) and the associated web-portal. Furthermore, a network of business stakeholders and business support organisations is established to coordinate the initiative and ensure its sustainability through the post-project operation of the Virtual Fair (VF) platform.

Virtual Fairs (VFs) offer enterprises the opportunity to connect with clients and business partners without having to meet them physically, saving this way time and money. In e-F+TN network we introduce a number of virtual events that will help enterprises from the Black-Sea wide region to expand their business links within the region, in Europe and internationally. So, We invite enterprises from the sectors of Agro-food, Building Elements & Materials and, Industrial Machinery to join us and benefit from our free services.